Monday, January 17, 2011

Craptastic Yarn Bowl

Craptastic Bowl

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Yarn
  • 2 small bowls
  • Glue, glue and more glue
  • Inflated balloon
How to:
  1. Lay newspaper over work surface. This will get messy! Place balloon in small bowl to keep it from moving.
  2. Cut strips of yarn and soak in other small bowl filled with glue.
  3. Remove one piece of yarn at a time, squeezing excess back into bowl. Drape yarn over top of balloon. Continue draping yarn over balloon, layering pieces over each other. Leave the top of the balloon clear. (The section that is sitting in the bowl.)
  4. Let dry. (Overnight) Once dry, pop the balloon and remove from bowl.
Oh. My. Goodness. Hands down~Craptastic Craft of the Year! Can I just say that this is the second time I've tried this, both with horrible results? Every time I see this craft in a book or magazine I want to do it sooooo bad because it looks soooo cool. So not. The first time E and I did this (was for me, I'll admit it) he was just too young. So we tried again a year or so later. This time, still not a hit, still bad results. Elliott couldn't figure out the whole squeezing the glue out thing so I took over that, thinking he would at least like draping it over the balloon. Yeah, not so much. He was way more interested in playing with his Artoo-Potatoo Potato Head while he watched me. (With warnings not to get the glue too close to R2!) So I took over the whole project. Yay, me! OK, fun to do, but the results...not so fun.

Way more interested in that Potato Head

Elliott was most interested in popping the balloon. Our bowl was floppy and weak. The yarn just didn't get stiff enough. Was stingy me doing a little too much squeezing off the excess glue? The finished, um, bowl was a disappointment and was promptly thrown away.

Elliott's Evaluation:
Note from Mom: I would like to preface Elliott's thoughts by stating Elliott did not like doing this craft at all. However, his words:
I liked making it. Do we still have it? We should make it again. I liked taking that balloon out.

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