Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jedi Light Sabers

Make homemade Jedi Light Sabers
You will need:
  • A long tube of some kind. I was planning on using the tube from wrapping paper, but scored baseball bat Wii controllers at the Dollar Store for 2 for $1!
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Black and silver duct tape
  • Paint brush
How to:
  1. Paint 3/4 of your tube in the color of your choice.
  2. While paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter, the more the better!
  3. Once paint is dry, wrap the bottom four inches or so in silver duct tape.
  4. Wrap remaining space between silver and painted area with black duct tape.
  5. Fight the Empire!
All hail the Dollar Store! I spotted these Wii Baseball bat remote holders at a steal for 2 for $1! And an even better deal: the remote holder actually snaps off from the "bat" portion, making assembly even easier for us. However, if you can't find these yourself, the inner tube from a roll of wrapping paper would work just fine. (And would be a little more gentle.)

These were so easy to make. During battle, uh, I mean, playtime the paint chipped off from the light sabers, but no one seemed to care. This became one of the favors for Elliott's birthday party, as well as the weapon of choice for destroying the Death Star pinata. (See previous post.)

Elliott's Evaluation:
Fun! Painting it was fun. I like that they have glitter all over them. I liked putting the glitter on.


  1. I love your craptastic crafts:)

  2. These are awesome! We'll have to make them when we are visiting!

  3. Nice work! I took the liberty to adjust the first photo a bit to make it more cinematic: