Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Trap 2011

This year's version of the Leprechaun Trap

Since last year's Leprechaun Trap ( was so much fun we decided to do it again this year!

You will need:
  • Empty tissue box (Again, good thing St. Patrick's Day comes during cold season!)
  • Green paint (plus other colors, if desired)
  • Flat piece of cardboard for base. (We used a portion from a cereal box.)
  • Rocks
  • Gold glitter paint
  • St. Patrick's Day stickers
  • Cotton balls
  • Pipe Cleaners in all the colors of the rainbow
  • Glue gun
How to:
  1. If using a base, paint and let dry. Paint tissue box and let dry. Paint box with additional colors, if desired.
  3. Paint rocks and then cover with glitter glue. Let dry.
  4. Elliott loooved painting glitter glue on the rocks.
  5. Decorate box with stickers.
  6. Cut pipe cleaners to desired size and curve into a rainbow arch. Wrap each end of rainbow with pipe cleaner to secure.
  7. Stretch out cotton balls as much as possible without tearing. (We used four balls for each cloud.)
  8. Glue ends of rainbows into each cloud, using glue gun to secure.
  10. Glue rainbow and clouds over the hole on the top of the box.
    I love that Elliott came up with the idea to cover the hole of the trap all on his own.
  12. Glue glitter rocks on to trap.
Recap on story:
Leprechauns are very sly little guys and it's hard to catch them. But if you do, they HAVE to take you to the end of a rainbow where you will be rewarded a pot of gold. If you don't catch them (most likely), but they are impressed with your attempt, they may leave you a treat. (As well as play tricks on you!)

Ahhh, glitter glue. Just when I thought I had lost Elliott to the Wii, glitter glue brings him right back. E had no desire to paint the box or base green, but after glittering up the rocks, he decided to paint some other colors onto the box, hence the dripping blood look. He was really into placing the stickers on and insisted on going through the whole sheet. (So much for saving some for next year!)

My favorite part? On his own, Elliott came up with the idea to place the rainbow and clouds over the hole so that the leprechaun wouldn't see the hole and would, hopefully, fall in. That's using your noggin, Kid!

Elliott's Evaluation:
I love glitter glue! I really liked painting the rocks. Putting stickers on the trap is fun. I think we are going to trap a leprechaun but I hope he doesn't get scared if he falls in the hole. Maybe we should put a light in there for him....can we do that?

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