Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marble Paper

Make your own beautiful stationary and a spectacular mess.
You will need:
  • Foaming shaving cream
  • Food color
  • Several sheets of plain white card stock (Other colors work, but the images show best on white.)
  • Toothpick or straw
  • Large cooking sheet
  • Several paper towels

How to:
  1. Go outside!! Do NOT attempt this indoors. You will regret it.
  2. Spread a layer of shaving cream over cooking sheet. Add drops of food color. Swirl colors with toothpick or straw. (Try both to see what each does!)
  3. Lay paper on top of shaving cream and press lightly, but firmly enough to ensure entire paper touches cream. Lift and rub excess shaving cream off with paper towels. Let dry.

Hands down: this is by far the messiest craft we have ever done! But sometimes, you gotta get messy, right? Elliott loooved making this paper. I kept running inside to grab more blank sheets so he could do it again and again. He loved spraying the shaving cream, adding the food coloring, swirling...everything! And when you're finished you have pretty paper to do...absolutely nothing with. But that's OK, this craft was a HUGE hit!

Hints for parents:
A glass of wine before starting this project will help tremendously.

Elliott's Evaluation:
Messy!!!! I liked making it because it was messy and because I needed to use my hands for it.

Relax! It fades after a day.

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